Lesson Details

Why should I Join Katie’s studio?
In addition to Katie’s decade of teaching experience, multiple degrees in music and extensive performing history; she incorporates today’s technology and takes pride in selecting music that is both fun and educational.

Fundamentals of music will stay with you for the rest of your life! No matter the instrument or type of lesson you are taking, Katie stressed rhythm and music theory.

Today’s technology is changing fast and has greatly impacted the way we learn and view the world. Katie brings the latest in video recording, software and online resources to each lesson. Software she uses includes: Finale, Air Turn, Fruit Loops, Garage Band, Adobe Premier and several other smaller programs. Katie also lectures (AnimeOrchestra.org) on the impact of video games on today’s music and the ones that are great tools in music education.

If Katie doesn’t have it, she will soon! She has over 300 pieces of music on hand, as well as many many hand outs. Katie is always excited to work on something new, be it from one of today’s popular pop artists or a classical piece that you have always wanted to play.

You should not only learn, but learn to teach yourself. Discuss what it means to ‘practice’ good strategies to save you time while you learn and most important have fun! Music is not about learning notes or an instrument it is about critical thinking and art, even with my little kids it is important to never for get that.


What does Katie expect from her students?
Overall I expect me students to have a positive attitude and be prepared for each lesson. Being prepared includes:
have these with you at each lesson:

  • Books (assigned in your first lesson)
  • Instrument
  • Pencil
  • Notebook (Spiral in person/Dropbox over Skype)
  • 1 music stand (Skype)

The minimum I ask for from students is:

  • 30 minute lesson – 15 minutes a day
  • 45 minute lesson – 30 minutes a day
  • 60 minute lesson – 60 minutes a day

Positive. My most successful kids and adults are excited to learn.


What can Students expect from Katie?
As I ask of my students, I will come to every lesson with a positive attitude and fully prepared. This includes any materials or special requests from earlier lessons.

I have several different series of hands out and book lists to fit many different learning styles and musical styles. Although I have an agenda – to give my students the tools, resources and guidance to be the best musicians they can – I will always remember and be opened to feed back concerning your individual goals.

I am also resources. It is never too late or early to call me with a fingering question or a reminder of how a rhythm goes. I own every book I assign, or by my own copy if it is a new book to me.