As a teacher I spend hours coming up with ways to keep my students entertained while they are learning.  For some students this is easy, the joy of learning something new is excitement enough.  For others the flashy world of technology and busy schedules easily push their clarinet lessons to the bottom of their memories.

Being an avid anime and video game player myself, I understand this on several levels.  I learned from the Rubank elementary method book, as did my dad and his dad and probably the dinosaurs.




It is a wonderful method book!  But it is outdated.  As technology takes over our world attention spans are getting shorter.  Music permeates our day to day life with ruckus sounds and textures unattainable by a single Clarinet.  And education is less and less about critical thinking and more and more about passing the test.

Woot!  Is not only a book full of anime, video game and nerdy media but it is a guide to exploring music.  Celebrating sounds and critically thinking about your musical choices.